The advatages of our innovation system:

  • Costs are reduced.
  • It facilitates engagement.
  • Your business is differentiated.
  • You win and retain more work.

At FM Innovation, we can provide you with the toolkits, software, skills and results that will enable you to differentiate your business from your competitors and demonstrate the full results of innovation more effectively to your customers.

How can we help you?

FM Innovation works with you and your stakeholders to implement innovation systems and toolkits tailored specifically to your facilities management contracts. Building upon your own internal systems, our frameworks and support platforms are designed to get you real results.

We help you to innovate better

At FMi, we take the time to understand your innovation objectives and then provide you with additional tools, training and software platforms that are tailored to enable you to innovate faster, better and with greater success. We don’t offer off-the-shelf or generic solutions. You’re needs are unique, and so is our approach.

Thinking of BS 11000?

We can support you in your efforts to implement BS 11000 (Collaborative Business Relationships) by helping you with your value creation programme.

Innovation tailored to a specific FM contract

There are many innovation platforms and toolkits that are focused upon enterprise-wide innovations. We recognize though, that when it comes to your facilities management contracts a one-size-fits-all solution just won’t do. Each facilities management contract has a different set of dynamics and drivers based upon stakeholder needs. We build you a solution especially for those needs, encouraging better buy-in, adoption rates and toolkits designed around your current processes.

Involve everyone in your innovation

Ideas and innovations can come from anywhere. Feedback and observations from multiple perspectives can widen your view on operational delivery and give fresh insight to contract success. Our approach incorporates all of your stakeholders, including your suppliers, customers and staff.

Independently verify your innovation

With increasing customer demand for innovation within facilities management contracts, how do you demonstrate capability and a track-record of success? Through surveys, gap analysis and our innovation management software, FMi can help you to differentiate your services in the wider marketplace and provide a basis for your customers to benchmark your success against competitors.

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Give us a few details about your facilities management contract and we will give you a quote back for the installation of our innovation platform and support for process development.

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Access our free whitepaper report on 5 ways to boost innovation within your FM contract and get started with your innovation activities today.